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Character Creation - Luc Landolier
Character Creation - Luc Landolier

Sandpoint Court Log: Wealday, 14th of Rova.

Testimony from Ilsoari Submitted as Official Evidence to the Court.

Last night as I was walking the beach and the most peculiar thing happened to me. As I walked I saw what looked like a small human awash upon a plank in the tide. As I moved closer brandishing my weapon to my surprise I realized it was an unconscious halfling. He wore tattered clothing, and his skin was scorched by the sun. He lacked boots, and his only possession appeared to be a raiper that he had tied to his had. How he reached this position in a tide pool at Sandpoint I had no idea.

I knew I had to help him. Or at lease provide the corpse a proper burial. So I walked out into the tide pool and pulled the plank ashore. As I pulled the the makeshift raft up the beach to my surprise the halfling stirred. As he did I could swear he said the name “Elizabeth…” but I can’t be for certain. As I looked down he motioned at me with his hand. I could tell he barely had a voice so I bent down to hear what he was saying and as I did his rapier was at my throat. “Where am I he whispered?” “S..S..San..Sandpoint.” I stuttered believing the wrong answer might cost me my life. “Where are you taking me?” he asked. “To higher ground?”, I replied more a question than an answer. Hoping that it was good enough for him. “I want you to give me your shirt, your money, and your weapon.” At that point the only thing I could think to say was, “My shirt is to big for you.” And he replied shut-up and take it off. So as I carefully lifted my shirt over my head I felt the rapier leave my neck and the sound of it hit the sound. By the time I had restored order, he was passed out in the sand. I suppose his adrenaline wound down and exhaustion finally caught up with him. Needless to say, I ran and woke the sheriff and the sheriff put him in jail to cool his heels. And now here we are.

(Posted by Travis R.)


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